Elite tools for every stage of lead acquisition.

High Converting and Fully Customizable Template Library

High Converting Template Library

Our extensive template library features professionally designed templates that convert website traffic into email subscribers.

Drag and Drop Ad Builder

Start any campaign in minutes. Our professionally designed templates are fully customizable. Just drag content into place and save. Ads are updated instantly.

Mobile Responsive Templates

There is no need to create separate pop-up forms opt-in forms for mobile devices. All templates are mobile responsive and will render beautifully on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Custom Effects

Dim the page below and block its access position in one of nine page locations, create your own close icon or link, hide the close icon, run ads from 100x100 to 800x600 pixels, lock ad on page or hide it on scrolling.

Enhance Your Pop-Up Opt-In Form Designs

Increase engagement by updating your pop-up forms with custom images, videos, animated gifs, custom links, typography, and more.

Advanced Pop-Up Opt-In Form Designs

If you would like to design your own pop-up forms from scratch, simply choose to add your custom code to a DIV or an IFRAME.

To view examples of pop-ups click here.

Launch, monitor and modify campaigns from a central dashboard.

Launch campaigns with a single click

Manage your campaigns from one Central Dashboard. Turn ads on and off with a single click.

Track Campaign Performance

Instantly view impressions, clicks, closes, and submits for each active campaign.

Campaign Optimization

Drill down further to view individual ad performance, download new contact information, change ad visibility, and modify pop-up content.

Powerful Engagement Strategies Included in Every Plan

On Visitor Arrival

Reward new website visitors to your site with a special one-time offer. You can also configure the pop-up so that it only appears once. Examples of conversion offers include discount offers, raffles, and whitepaper download, to name a few.

During Scrolling

Use the on-scrolling method to gently deliver a message when the reader has consumed a certain portion of your content. Set the trigger to open at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or all the way down the page.

Exit Technology

ScreenPopper automatically tracks the user's mouse movement providing you with the ability to configure a pop-up to appear just as they are leaving a specific page or your site. This is great for last chance sales offers, email signups, and important announcements.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to compare the performance of two versions of your pop-up to determine which one performs better.

Smart Visitor Targeting

Set a variety of parameters to suit your particular business needs and target audience. You can configure pop-ups to appear only to first time visitors, every four times someone visits, when someone visits a specific page - it's up to you.

Pop Logic

For even more control over which pop-up is seen, you can use Pop Logic to determine which pop shows by adding strings to your URL.

Mobile Device Targeting

Choose from 4 device widths and only display your pop-ups on those devices.

JavaScript API

Need more power? We've got you covered. Now you can create your own custom triggers to open the pop-ups . We provide JavaScript callback functions to let you know when all the code has loaded. Simply create your own JavaScript snippet and fire when ready.

New Lead Notification

Once your visitor submits their information, ScreenPopper will save the data and notify you via email.

Flexible and Easy to Use

No Programming Required

Simply paste one line of HTML on your webpage and you'll be able to create and manage 100's of pop-ups for multiple ad campaigns.

Drag-and-Drop Pop-Up Opt-In Form Templates

We offer an extensive drag-and-drop template library for every type of campaign.

Flexible Account Set-Up

Upgrade, downgrade, pause billing, or close your account at any time, no questions asked.

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