Direct Integration

  • December 1, 2014
  • By: ScreenPopper

ScreenPopper now integrates directly with your account. We will automatically transfer pop-up leads directly to your contact lists so you can start interacting them immediately.

To get started you will need to authorize ScreenPopper to access your InfusionSoft account. This is done by creating a “Data Rule”. After you give ScreenPopper permission, create a popup with your form fields such as email, and first name fields. Then save this popup with the new “Data Rule”.

When a new lead comes in we’ll automatically send it to your InfusionSoft account.

You can also send over 16 pieces of additional data for each new subscriber such as “Campaign Title, Popup Page Url, First Name, Last Name, etc. To set this up, first add those additional data widgets to your popup, and then in your “Data Rule” add a mapping for each data widget to your custom InfusionSoft information.

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