Custom Javascript In Popups – Now Available

  • August 25, 2014
  • By: ScreenPopper

We just added the ability to include custom javascript with your popups. This gives you the choice to increase the functionality of your popup message and delivery. Now you can include custom javascript to dynamically change the popup content, the way it opens, and the way it closes.

The more you can make your message stand out from all the other advertising out there, the more it will get noticed. With this new feature you will have the power to do that.

Mix and Match the following for a custom presentation:
– screenpopper_current_pop_id – global variable
– jQSPop – an onboard version of jQuery
– openScreenPopper() – function
– closeScreenPopper() – function
– spopJsLoaded- callback
– spopJsReady – callback
– spopJsOpened – callback
– spopJsClosed – callback
– spopJsFormSubmitted – callback
– jQSPop(‘#screenpopper-content’).html(); – get pop content

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