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Easy Pop Up Advertising

General tips

Be consistent in your ad message and style including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, signs and banners. Newspapers, radio and TV stations are helpful in…

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Are You Being Scanned

People are scanners, constantly reviewing their environment. Will you capture their attention when they scan your pop up ads, or will you frustrate them with…

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Ask For The Sale

Most people are afraid to ask for the sale. Why you ask? Because it embarasses them to ask. Learn to ask for the sale in…

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Single Benefit Shout Out

Learn what a "Unique Selling Proposition" is and why it is important for you in your pop up advertising campaign. Learn to work with a…

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Definition of Advertising

Simply put: Advertising is creating a message to take action, and then announcing it to people

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Pop Up Ads Equal To Television Commercials

Pop up ads are equal to television commerical, another post that is part of a series that looks into the history of Pop Ups Ads…

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