AB Testing & Pop Logic

  • May 9, 2015
  • By: ScreenPopper

We are very excited to release 2 new features – AB Testing and Pop Logic.

There is now an “Ad Delivery” button in the Campaign Manager that has 3 delivery choices.

Standard Delivery Sequence
This is the default delivery system, and has been available ever since we started our service. With this setting we keep track of the visitors last seen pop by storing that value in a cookie. Upon their next visit, we show them the next active pop in the campaign. With this setting the user sees the first active popup ad upon their first visit. On each returning visit they see the subsequent active ads in the campaign. We keep track of the last seen pop by storing this value in a cookie.

A/B Testing
With this setting we show the next active ad in the campaign for any visitor on any browser. The difference between this setting and the default sequence is that with AB Testing we keep track of the last pop id in the database. Since it is stored in the database, we always show the next active popup ad for any visitor.

Pop Logic
For even more control of which pop is seen you can use Pop Logic. With this setting you determine which pop shows by adding it’s own pop logic. Pop logic has 3 choices. The first choice is to show the pop when a value is found in the URL, the next shows a pop when a value is not found in the URL, and the last is combination of conditions of found and not found by stringing them together.

Here is a video demonstrating the features.

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